Please recycle ONLY these items in your cart:

Yes, that is ALL that can be made into new products from your bin.

Not these:

See ADVANCED RECYCLING for more details

What About...


ONLY empty, clear, non-PLA plastic cups are recyclable.  Paper, colored and PLA cups go in the trash.  Reusable cups and bottles are best.

Pizza Boxes

EMPTY pizza boxes, even with a little grease, are ok to recycle. Cheese, pizza, liners and pizza savers/tables are not. Compost or put in trash.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags and other films and wraps are NOT recyclable with bottles and cans, but you CAN brig them to many retailers to recycle.

Bottle Caps

Put plastic caps ON the empty plastic bottles, so they don’t fall through the screens. Leave all caps OFF glass bottles.


Foam items CANNOT be recycled with bottles and containers. It gets smashed to bits and contaminates everything else.

Milk Cartons and Juice Boxes

Multi-layer containers are not recyclable in our system.  Dispose with trash.
Buy recyclable plastic if possible.

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