Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of two representatives from each Member Town. They may be elected or appointed officials or volunteers. All are involved with the municipal recycling or hazardous waste program. Each is appointed for a three year term as provided by local charter or bylaw, and serve until their successors are appointed and qualified.
The Board meets every 5-6 weeks. Meetings are posted on this site, as well as those of our Member towns.

Board of Directors 6/2019

AbingtonMarty Golightly, Health Agent
Angela Dahlstrom, Waste Reduction Enforcement Coordinator

Jeffrey Kunz – Solid Waste Manager
Rosemary Nolan – Solid Waste Manager

Merle Brown – Appointee
Andria Benn – DPW Office Manager
DuxburyPeter Buttkus – DPW Director
Norm Smith – DPW Assistant Director
HanoverVictor Diniak – DPW Superintendent
Kurt Kelley – DPW Assistant Superintendent
HansonArlene Dias – Board of Health, SSRC Treasurer
Gilbert Amado Health Agent
HinghamRandy Sylvester – DPW Superintendent
Steven Messinger – DPW Transfer Station Supervision
HullChris Gardner – DPW Director
Joyce Sullivan, Board of Health Director
KingstonPaul Basler – Streets, Trees & Parks Superintendent, SSRC Vice Chairman
Jean Landis Nauman – Recycling Committee Chairman, SSRC Sectetary
MiddleboroughChristoper Peck – DPW Director
Donna Jolin – DPW Office Manager
NorwellBen Margro – Board of Health Agent
Vicky Spillane – Recycling Committee Appointee

Jonathan Beder – DPW Director
Kerin McCall – HHW manager, Environmental Technician
Rachel Newell – Solid Waste Administrator

Angela Sestito – Selectmen’s Office Principal Clerk
(open seat)
RocklandStephen Nelson – Board of Health Commissioner
Delshaune Flipp – Board of Health Agent
Scott Margolis – Board of Health Commissioner
ScituateKevin Cafferty – DPW Director, SSRC Chairman
Sean McCarthy – DPW Assistant Director
WeymouthKatie McDonald – DPW Principal Clerk
Fred Happel – Solid Waste Contract Manager
Bob O’Connor – Energy Coordinator
WhitmanBruce Martin – DPW Superintendent
Alexis Andrews – Board of Health Inspector

Executive Board through 6/2021

Chairman:  Kevin Cafferty, Scituate
Vice Chairman:   Paul Basler, Kingston
Treasurer:   Arlene Dias, Hanson
Secretary:   Jean Landis Nauman, Kingston


  • Submit a written yearly report detailing the services provided, funds received, and providing full financial disclosure
  • Conduct regional procurements
  • Prepare, advertise, and award regional contracts for recycling services
  • Develop and implement regional public education programs
  • Assist in developing grant proposals 
  • Make recommendations and provide technical assistance
  • Recommend governing policies

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