Recycling in Duxbury

Duxbury employs multi- stream recycling at the Duxbury Recycling Transfer Facility.

Recycling is mandatory.  Trash must be contained in Town approved “Save as You Throw” bags.  All disposed and recycled materials must be put in the correct areas.  Food soiled items, plastic bags, and liquids may not be placed in the recycling area. Repeat violations may result in loss of Transfer Station privileges.

Contact Information

Duxbury Recycling Transfer Facility

145 Mayflower St – Duxbury

Open Hours

Wednesday – Sunday
8:00 AM – 4 PM

Valid Transfer Station Permit Required
Available to all residents

Hazardous Waste Coordinator

Department of Public Works
781-934-1100 x5501

Hazardous Waste Disposal


SSRC Board Members

Peter Butkus – DPW Director
Norm Smith – DPW Assistant Director

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