Listed on this page are examples of testimony and correspondence in support of or opposed to producer responsibility legislation.


H810: An Act Relative to Extended Producer Responsibility

Testimony: H810, support Extended producer responsibility study, July 19, 2019

H771: An Act Reducing Plastic Bag Pollution

H745: An Act to Reduce Paper and Packaging Waste in the Commonwealth


H447: Packaging producer responsibility

H143/S96: Digital Right to Repair

S2174: Investigation and study by a special commission relative to mattress recycling

Letter requesting cosponsorship of S2174 , Investigation by a special commission relative to mattress recycling, Sept 26,2017

S.2109: An Act Establishing the Paint Stewardship Program

H646: Replace Bottle Bill with Temporary 1c container tax

H705: Reinstate the Clean Environment Fund

H2875/S1752: Expansion of Bottle Bills

H646/H2880: Repeal of Bottle Bills

H756/404: Producer responsibility for collection, reuse and recycling of discarded electronic products

H3420: Universal Recycling Bill

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