Listed on this page are examples of testimony and correspondence regarding legislation and regulation.

Much of our advocacy focuses on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). There is an excellent 4 page FAQ about EPR here.


H4263, An act to save recycling costs (Joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources)- consolidation of S471S542S551S554S572H779H823 and H871 (paper, packaging and paint)
S471, An act to reduce waste and recycling costs (DiDomenico) – update of previous session’s “Act to save recycling costs” as reported out of ENRA(slide presentation)
SSRC Testimony S471 (also paint and mattress bills)
SSRC Resolution in support of product stewardship legislation
H823, S551, An act relative to paint recycling (Haddad, O’Connor)
S542. An act establishing safe paint stewardship (Moran) – substantially identical to the above bills
Paint bill summary, list of endorsers here
H881, An act to establish a Mattress recycling program (Philips)
H916, S513, An act to assess the future of mattress recycling (Vargas/Domb, Kennedy/Howard)- includes social enterprise fund
HD3420, SD2038, An act to expand the Bottle Bill (Decker, Creem)


 H4851, S2923 An Act to save recycling costs in the commonwealth (formerly H878/S610 /S517)*
Testimony on H878/S610/S517, S569 and H938
List of cosponsors, witnesses at June 22, 2021 hearing
Municipal data survey
* minor positive amendments; annotated House version here. H4851 exempts newspapers, S2923 does not; otherwise the same. 

H995 An Act to require transparency and disclosure by materials recovery facilities (Rogers)
Testimony on H995

H938 An Act relative to paint recycling (Haddad)

H4852 An Act establishing a mattress stewardship plan (formerly H988)
S2922 An Act to assess the future of mattress recycling in the Commonwealth.(formerlyS569)

H3289/S2149 An Act to expand the Bottle Bill (Decker/Creem)
Fact Sheet (MassPIRG)
Testimony on H3289/S2149

S500 An Act requiring the establishment of recycling programs for ionization smoke detectors (Chandler)

H902 An Act relative to plastic bag reduction (Ehrlich, Eldridge)

MMA testimony supporting the above bills

(Federal) – (H.R. 2238, S.984) The Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2021: Reduce the production and use of certain commonly polluting single-use products, improve the responsibility of producers of consumer products in the collection and disposal of the products they sell into the marketplace, prevent pollution from consumer products from entering into food chains and waterways in the United States, and for other purposes

Section by section summary

Summary of Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act of 2020SD539779

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