Town Programs

Member Towns

The basics of recycling are common to all our Member Towns, however, each town has differing requirements, hours of operation, etc. To learn more about a town’s recycling program click the town’s link below. Each page has information specific to that town and provides links to pertinent pages on the town’s website. 


Member Towns reduce the costs to local taxpayers for solid waste management and conduct their local recycling programs in the most cost effective manner. They work cooperatively to reduce the costs to manage solid waste in an environmentally safe manner, and maximize their purchasing power by joining together for regional procurements relating to solid waste disposal and recycling.


  • Maintain full local authority and control over solid waste management & recycling activities
  • Improve cost-effectiveness by reducing the amount of waste & improving the quality of recycling
  • Minimize adverse environmental and public health effects associated with the collection, processing & disposal of solid waste
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacture & disposal of consumer products
  • Reduce the need to rely on landfilling & incineration of waste
  • Support the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ goal to minimize the disposal of material waste & put recoverable materials to their best and highest use


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