Membership Benefits

Member Benefits

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  • LESS TRASH: Disposed trash tonnage in Member towns has dropped by 40% per household since 2005, saving over $3 million/year in disposal and hauling costs at current rates.
  • HIGHER RETURNS/LOWER COSTS FOR RECYCLABLES:  Textiles, cardboard, some plastics and metal all have value. The SSRC helps its Members get the most for these commodities, and find new outlets when vendors are unable to accept materials.
  • HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS WASTE COLLECTIONS: Administrative and on site oversight and assistance, scheduling, publicity provides cost and staff time savings. The ability to send residents to all eleven of our collections/year provides convenience to member towns and their residents. The SSRC also facilitates multi-town collections, to further reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • COMPOST SITE MANAGEMENT: Members have easy access to regional contracts for brush grinding, compost screening, material removal and information on best management practices.
  • DIFFICULT TO MANAGE WASTE: The Staff provides assistance and vendor contacts for everything from medical sharps and mercury to propane tanks and paint, electronic waste, mattresses, tires, batteries.


  • ON CALL EXPERT: The Executive Director advises members on vendor and program options, contracts, pricing, grant opportunities, etc. She gathers tonnage, fee and pricing data for program and year to year comparisons. She attends most regional conferences, and shares what she learns with our members at meetings and in our monthly newsletter.
  • GRANTS:  SSRC programs qualify Member towns for additional Recycling Dividend Program points, including HHW, Outreach, Compost and Textiles.  The SSRC helps participating members prepare to maximize grant awards. The Director can assist with DEP’s Data Survey, RDP reporting, and grant application submissions. 
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: Our well-attended monthly/bi-monthly meetings feature area vendors, and provide the opportunity to discuss program details with our other solid waste managers.
  • TOURS: The SSRC arranges and hosts facility tours at outlets for many of our materials. 


  • THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Attends policy meetings hosted by MassDEP, provides testimony on regulations, and acts as a liaison between Members and State organizations.
  • AT THE STATE HOUSE: The SSRC is a strong and consistent voice at the State House, sharing our Members’ concerns with State policymakers and working with other organizations to move cost- and resource-saving legislation forward. We are leading the drive toward Producer Responsibility legislation, which would shift recycling and disposal costs from municipalities and ratepayers to producers and consumers.
  • TESTIMONY: We have testified and communicate with legislators in support of producer responsibility, right to repair, disposable bag ban and other legislation.  (see Advocacy) 


  • THIS WEBSITE: The SSRC website features town-and material-specific recycling and hazardous waste collection information, press releases, a monthly newsletter, and links to other sites.
  • RESIDENT CONTACTS: Staff fields calls from residents. Distribution of 50,000 informational palm cards has increased phone and web traffic.
  • NEWSLETTER: The Director publishes an informative newsletter  before every Board meeting. It has over 1200 subscribers.
  • COMMUNITY PRESENTATIONS: SSRC staff does school and community presentations, and exhibits at events
  • LOCAL MEDIA & PR: SSRC Staff serves as a resource providing technical information for print and broadcast media, and maintains an active Facebook page. 

Member Towns

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Contact: Claire Galkowski, Executive Director South Shore Recycling Cooperative
Phone: 781-329-8318

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