Mercury is a silver liquid used in many consumer products.  It is ILLEGAL to dispose of mercury or mercury-containing products in the trash or recycling.  While useful when contained in the products, if released into the environment and ingested, it is TOXIC to the nervous system, liver and kidneys. Pregnant women and young children are most vulnerable.  One liquid ounce (2 tablespoons) of mercury weighs nearly a pound! (specific gravity = 13.6 g/ml)  

Mercury Products Collected

Most of our Member Towns provide free collection service to their residents for mercury containing products (not loose mercury)

Member Town Mercury Collection Locations

More Information about Mercury Collections

SEMASS covers the cost of in-home pickup for larger quantities (more than a tablespoon) of elemental mercury in many of our towns through a program with MassDEP

Contact  CRS at 1-866-277-9797 x705  to request a FREE pickup.

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