Other HHW Options

Other HHW Options

Sutton (south of Worcester): New England Disposal Technologies

Accepts residential hazardous waste at cost on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-4 year round
WHERE:  83 Gilmore Drive – Sutton
COST:  Check Website – Cash or Credit

Brockton Recycling Depot

WHERE: 300 Oak Hill Way, Brockton. 
HOURS:  Mon-Sat, 8:30AM – 3:00 PM
PHONE: 508-580-7827
COST: $4 per 1 gal container, other items case by case
Click here for more information.

Recolor Paints, LLC

Accepts latex paints and coatings for recycling year round
WHERE: 149 B Winter Street – Hanover.
HOURS:  Mon-Fri 9 am-2 pm up to 30 gal
PHONE: 781-732-6567, if <30 gal
COST: $2 per container
See recolorpaints.com for a description of what is accepted and what is not accepted.

Runs several HHW collections in spring, summer and fall.  If you are not a resident of the host town, and cannot wait for a local event, you may pre-register two weeks ahead of an event using the “small business” rules. (availability to non-Cape residents may be limited)
WHERE: Check Website
COST: Check Website

Even better:

  • Offer to take $100 off price, or pay the new resident to manage the material.  Leave them the link to the South Shore Recycling Cooperative website. Have them sign up for our email notifications here
  • Give away usable leftover materials. 
  • Post usable material for free on Craigslist or your local community bulletin board.  (You may be surprised what people will take!)
  • Ask a friend to bring the material to an upcoming event.
  • Bring your material with you (movers won’t allow it in their trucks though).<

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