Hazardous Waste Collections

Fall Household Hazardous Waste Events

This event is still on despite the weather.  Please review the rules below to help the staff and keep the line moving.
Pre-registration closes at 4:30 pm the Friday before each event.
If you registered and lost your form, the location is the Duxbury Middle School, use Alden St. entrance. 
If you didn’t register, we are at capacity, and will be posting spring dates in January.


To gain entry, keep the line moving and you and the staff safe


  • Residents of host and co-host towns may attend their own town’s collection at no charge. Proof of residency is required*
  • Residents of  Abington, Cohasset, Duxbury, Hanson, Norwell, Pembroke, Plymouth, Rockland, Scituate, Weymouth and Whitman may attend out of town events with proof of residency*.  Town will cover the cost.
  • Residents of  Hanover, Hingham, Hull and Kingston may attend out of town events at no cost IF they obtain and bring a Visitor Authorization Form from their own town’s Hazardous Waste Coordinator. Please note the limits on the subsidized quantity on the form. If you have more material than specified, bring a check to ACV Enviro for excess quantities. (details below)
  • Proof of residency* is required at event.  Proof of residency includes driver’s license, car registration, tax or utility bill, or transfer station/recycling center sticker

Bring a check made out to ACV Enviro IF:

  • You are from Hanover, Hingham, Hull or Kingston AND you don’t have a Visitor Authorization Form from your town’s responsible department
  • If you have a Visitor Authorization Form, but have more material than the form indicates your Town will subsidize
  • Your material is from a commercial source
  • We cannot admit residents of non-Member towns due to expected high volumes. Click here for other options.)

Quantity and Cost

Costs are based on container size for liquids (not contents), and approximate weight for solids, payable by check to ACV Enviro:

Less than 10 gallons/10 lbs $30
10-25 gallons/10-25 lbs $52
Each additional quantity up to 25

NOTE: A bag of fertilizer may weigh more than 25 lbs

Contact ACV Enviro at MobileHHW@acvenviro.com to confirm that material is acceptable, and prearrange payment

QUESTIONS: Call the SSRC at 781.329.8318

  • A host town is the town in which a collection is physically taking place.  
  • Other town(s) listed in the schedule with the host town is/are the co-host town(s).

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