South Shore Recycling Cooperative PSA- textiles

South Shore Recycling Cooperative PSA

Deep Dive Into Plastic Bags

3 minutes, Rosemary Nolan, 1/4/2013

Norwell Science Center

3 minutes, Rosemary Nolan, 1/4/2013

How To Compost: This Old House

4 minutes, This Old House, featuring Ann McGovern

How to Assemble The New Age Composter

featuring Ann McGovern, 7 minutes, MassDEP

Let's Clean Up Our Recycling (30 second PSA)

30 sec. PSA, PACTV, 4/2017

Waste Management Recycle America - Avon Single Stream Recycling Plant

3 minutes, Rosemary Nolan, 1/4/2013

Why Can't You Recycle Plastic Bags

2 minutes, 12/14/2016

NOAA Trash Talk- Marine Debris

15 minutes - So informative and entertaining the series won an Emmy!

Recycling on the South Shore

9 minutes, featuring Kingston DPW Director Paul Basler, SSRC RECO Julie Sullivan. reported by Brian Sullivan, PCN/PACTV, 10/26/2017

Harbor Interests - Recycling

11 minutes, HCAM TV, 6/10/2017

What lies in store for area recycling?

3 Minutes featuring Gene Wyatt - What we can do in the face of China's National Sword

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Other Links

Loss of Chinese export market drives new ideas for
repurposing recyclables
8 minutes, PBS Newshour 10/11/18 (highly recommended)

The Plastics problem
10 minutes, PBS Newshour, 10/4/18

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