How new California packaging EPR law is ‘putting the industry on notice’


by Marissa Heffernan, Resource Recycling,  July 6, 2022 Industry leaders mostly expressed support for California’s recently signed extended producer responsibility bill, though some said they still had concerns about its far reach. After three years of trying to pass different versions of an extended producer responsibility (EPR) bill, Senate Bill 54 was signed by…


Local company recycles leftover latex paint; bill would keep more out of the landfill

Wendall Waters,, June 3,2022 A woman-owned paint recycling business in (Hanover) Massachusetts has, over the course of a decade, gone from garage-scale production to having a small batch be 300 gallons. RECOLOR is part of a growing movement to keep paint out of landfills and create local economic opportunities. If new legislation sitting in the…


SSRC Director live on air on Earth Day

WATD 95.9 fm Host Rob Hakala will talk with Claire Galkowski, the Executive Director of the South Shore Recycling Cooperative at 8:41 am on Friday, April 22 about things we can do to make a difference in helping to take care of Mother Earth. Live stream here. Blog post here….