Hey you! Your bad recycling is costing all of us money!

Boston Globe Magazine, March 29, 2020, Amy Sutherland People around Greater Boston are dumping trash in their recycling bins, and it’s wrecking city budgets. More than a decade into single-stream recycling — putting all our recyclables together in one bin — we’ve turned into recycling slobs. In my Boston neighborhood, I’ve seen blue recycling…


Recycling is not a “Con”

posted by Director Claire Galkowski I usually have great respect for the NYT, but sometimes they just get it WRONG, like in today’s opinion piece “The Great Recycling Con” , and do real harm (i.e. yogurt containers and other #5 plastic ARE recycled!) . My colleague Waneta Trabert, Newton’s Solid…


A deep dive on plastic bag bans

plastic bags

by Neil Rhein, Keep Massachusetts Beautiful, Nov. 8, 2019 Each year, it’s estimated that here in Massachusetts, consumers use over 2 billion plastic bags per year! Many end up as litter in our waterways, stuck in trees, or clogging storm drains. Most end up in incinerators or landfills, while some…