Recycling 101

"Wishful recycling" does more harm than good.  If in doubt, throw it out, and avoid buying.



What about...? 

Plastic bottle caps?  Leave on the bottles. (Why?)

Juice boxes and milk cartons?  Not recyclable in our system. (Why?)  Dispose with trash.  Buy recyclable plastic if possible.

Paper cups and plates? No, most have plastic coating,or are made fron non-recyclable plastic.  They can be wet or yucky too. Reusable is best.

Cups?  Only empty, clear, non-PLA plastic cups are recyclable.  Paper, colored and PLA cups go in the trash. (Why?)

Pizza boxes?  Yes, but no pizza or grease please. Dispose of dirty cardboard, or put in your backyard compost bin.

Styrofoam TM?  Nope, click here.

Aren't plastic bags recyclable?  Yes, but not in your cart. (Why?) Bring to a retailer.  Click here


Massachusetts Universal Recycling List (subject to change)

How and why: Advanced Recycling

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