Can laws improve recycling?

In this podcast produced by MassRecycle, SSRC Director Claire Galkowski discusses past and pending producer responsibility legislation in Mass. She and former MassRecycle Director Edward Hsieh cover the history of recycling advocacy in MA, and a primer on how to change recycling laws in Mass. Hosts are MassRecycle President Gretchen…


Pembroke (re) joins the SSRC

Town Manager Ed Thorne signed an Intermunicipal Agreement with the SSRC, citing the opportunity to expand Pembroke residents’ access to the SSRC’s household hazardous waste collections, and to reap the many other benefits of membership.  At its June 25 Board meeting, the South Shore Recycling Cooperative (SSRC) voted to accept Pembroke…


MPHA to honor Plymouth health director

PLYMOUTH — The Massachusetts Public Health Association will honor Plymouth Health Director Nate Horwitz-Willis at its 17th annual Spring Award Breakfast on June 7. Horwitz-Willis is being awarded as a rising star in the field of public health in Massachusetts. He has strengthened the Health Department’s internal and external communications,…


MassDEP Waste Ban Inspection Program Promotes Recycling

Business Recycling

Businesses Found in Violation during 2018 Returned to Compliance BOSTON — As part of the Commonwealth’s commitment to help increase the diversion, reuse and recycling of materials, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) today announced that during calendar year 2018, the agency has issued 119 notices of non-compliance (NON) and eight…


How A New Policy In China Has Led To A Recycling Crisis In Mass.

The EPA estimates Americans recycle about 90 million tons of material a year. But these days the stuff we recycle has to be purer than Ivory soap. That’s because China, the world’s largest importer of recycled materials, instituted strict new standards on the quality of the products they’ll buy, and…


How To Make Sure Your Recycling Gets Recycled

contaminated recycling

So now you know: Throwing all your recycling into a single bin ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Single-stream recycling may be more convenient, but, as we reported last week, it’s also to blame for a huge increase in contamination that makes your recycling unrecyclable. You think you’re saving the…


SSRC takes a position on disposable bag bans

plastic bags

Costs for both disposal and recycling are increasing. New markets for recyclables will take time to develop. Landfills are closing in Mass., leaving fewer options for cost effective disposal of waste. The SSRC supports efforts by its Member Communities to reduce the generation of solid waste, including recyclable items. This…


A case for producer responsibility

 by Claire Galkowski, Posted in Resource Recycling June 5, 2018 With so much focus on the recycling crisis, we tend to overlook the root cause of the problem: the glut of short-lived consumer products and packaging. Rather than looking for new places to dispose, it is imperative that we look at…