East Bridgewater joins SSRC

Voters unanimously approved East Bridgewater’s membership in the South Shore Recycling Cooperative (SSRC) at the Town’s June 14 Town Meeting.  Membership became effective on July 1.

Rising costs and shrinking options prompted DPW Director John Haines and Operations Manager Rob Kenn to investigate joining the seventeen-town government organization.  After attending some meetings and investigating its cornerstone household hazardous waste (HHW) program, they decided it made financial and operational sense to join.

“The East Bridgewater DPW is always looking for ways to save money and do things more efficiently”, said DPW Operations Manager Rob Kenn.  “The SSRC’s HHW cost savings make membership worthwhile by itself.”

In addition to savings and connection to area solid waste program expertise, East Bridgewater residents will now have access to the SSRC’s twelve HHW collections held in spring and fall.

The Cooperative was founded in 1998, and is managed by its Executive Director, Claire Galkowski.  Membership assists municipalities in optimizing their trash, recycling, hazardous waste and grant programs, and in reducing the toxicity, quantity, and cost of those waste streams.  The Cooperative also advocates for policies and legislation that benefit municipalities, residents and the environment.  

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