Packaging EPR bills go to Governors of ME, OR

By Megan Quinn , Waste Dive, June 27, 2021

The two programs, which show growing momentum for EPR policies, would target most types of consumer packaging and require producers to pay into stewardship organizations regulated by state environmental agencies. 

States on both coasts could be the first to implement extended producer responsibility laws for packaging if governors in Oregon and Maine sign bills that recently passed their state legislatures.

In Oregon, SB 582 establishes a producer responsibility program for packaging, paper for printing and writing, and food serviceware. The bill, which passed both the House and Senate last week after a few rounds of amendments, now heads to Gov. Kate Brown.

Oregon’s approval comes just a week after Maine lawmakers voted to pass its bill, LD 1541, which creates an EPR program for most consumer packaging. Gov. Janet Mills could take up the bill as early as Wednesday, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Nicole Grohoski, said in an email, after the bill goes through an appropriation process. Read the full article ➔

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