Packaging EPR hearing next Tuesday

(Action alert 6/15/21) The Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture just scheduled its hearing on solid waste bills for Tuesday, 6/22 from 1-5 pm. A good showing by supporters is critical to getting the producer responsibility bills reported out favorably. 
This alert is primarily about the packaging and paper producer responsibility bill(s) H878/S610 /S517 .  EPR bills on mattresses and paint, as well as MRF transparency are also on the hearing docket. (see a partial list here.)
If you think you can provide oral testimony, using Microsoft Teams, please sign up here by Thursday
Testimony should be 3 minutes or less. 
You can use the Summary for talking points.  I suggest you pick a few, and put some personal spin on it, such ashow much more money your municipality is spending on recycling than a few years ago,the cost of or your lack of access to private recycling (i.e. in apartment or public housing) which this bill addresses, too much junk mail or litter, a particular type of over-packaging or unrecyclable packaging that irks you, environmental degradation or injustice caused by a particular kind of packaging (including metal, paper and glass).
If your point has been made two or three times already, gloss over it or skip it and be prepared with plan B. Brief is better than belabored.If your legislator sponsored the bill (all 3 are identical), please ask them to testify as well.  The list of co-sponsors is here.
Written testimony must be submitted by midnight next Tuesday night.Recycle anything you want from my 4 pager (still draft), or do your own. Even a paragraph saying you support it with one reason is fine.Indicate relevant affiliations you have. If submitting on behalf of an organization, include ia logo, and put your title in the signature.The Mass. Producct Stewardship Council is drafting template testimony on a few EPR bills which you can also use. (check the MassPSC page, where it will be posted with the other helpful info)Email to the House and Senate Chairs, and any other committee members you know .Subject line: “Testimony in support of H878, An Act reducing recycling costs in the commonwealth”Copy me so I can put it in a shared folder here. The most recent action alert is here, and is still relevant (including the endorsement form). I hope to see you Tuesday!  You will be in good company.

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