It's Easy & it's Mandatory

Rockland Trash and Recycling web pages

Curbside Recycling

Single Stream: all recyclables are collected together without the need for a resident to separate items

Available to residents who pay the trash fee

Drop-off Recycling

Available to all residents

Recycling Center

1000 Beech Street

Open: Monday, Thursday Friday, Saturday, 8:30am - 4pm

Sunday 11am - 2pm


Contact Information

Rockland Trash/Recycling Info 

BOH, 781-871-1874 x350

Missed Pickup: 

BOH, 781-871-1874 x350

Hazardous Waste Coordinator: 

Board Of Health 781-871-1874 x350

Hazardous Product Disposal        

SSRC 781-329-8318

SSRC Board Members: 

Stephen Nelson, Board of Health Commissioner

Rudolph Childs, Appointee

*Victoria Diebel, Board of Health Commissioner

*Janice McCarthy, Board of Health Agent

* alternate