Foam packing material

Foam materials make a mess in the sorting facilities (as do plastic bags), so are not recyclable with your bottles and 


containers.  Only rigid containers are acceptable in that stream.

Many pack-and-ship stores (UPS, Kinkos, FedEx, etc.) accept expanded polystyrene (EPS) 'peanuts' and other packing materials for reuse. 
Insulation Technology, Inc, 35 1st St, Bridgewater, serves as a collection point for EPS.  Leave clean, bagged material in their foyer any time.  They accept:
  • #6 EPS Foam
  • White packing foam (recycling symbol is not required)
  • Colored packing foam (recycling symbol is not required)
  • Foam used with food and beverage items (recycling symbols #4,5, or 6 IS required)
When choosing packing material, bubble wrap is more easily recycled (with plastic bags) and reused.