Sensitive documents

Sensitive documents that contain bank and credit account info, social security numbers, or other information that can result in identity theft (and is not in the phone book) is best shredded. document destruction

If you have too much for a personal shredder, look on the to see if there is an upcoming shredding event

For secure data destruction pickup service:

Doc Shredding Corp, Plainville, MA  508-384-0075

Shred King, Quincy, MA  1-877-50SHRED (507-4733) 

My Shredding Services provides fast quotes from multiple shredding services in your area. 

If you shred your own papers, don't put loose shreds in your recycling bin. It makes a mess at the recycling facility. Either compost them with your food / yard waste, or recycle in a stapled, labelled paper bag.