Advanced Recycling

RecycleSmart logo 300x115Single stream recyclables from SSRC towns are sorted at the Waste Management Avon plant.  Workers and machines separate it into individual materials, baled and sold to manufacturers to be made into new products. 

In our drop-off towns, residents do some of the sorting, but many of the same rules apply.

Items that don't belong make it harder, and even dangerous, to sort into useful feedstock.  This devalues the good material, and has driven costs up a lot.  

To make sure what you put in the bin doesn't end up in the landfill, make sure it is:

  • Dry - wet materials stick to each other and can't be properly sorted. Glass shards stuck to paper is especially troublesome. 
  • Clean - dirty material mucks up everything around it, is sticky, and can stink up the whole load.  Most material travels a distance, sometimes in extreme heat. Think ketchup. 
  • Loose, single, easily separable materials -  Paper can't be made from plastic.  Plastic can't be made from metal.  Items that have multiple materials stuck together can't be made into a new product. End users can deal with tape, windows and labels, but they can't pull cardboard out of overwrap, foam packing out of boxes, or embedded plastic from a paper cup. 
  • Size matters - tiny = trash. Containers smaller than 3 oz. often fall through the first screen with the glass. Think prescription bottles.  Foam packing and shredded paper get into everything.
  • Shape matters -  3D = bottles, cans, containers.  Flattened containers can end up with the paper.
  • Only certain plastics are marketable - Don't let the misleading recycling symbol on plastics fool you
    • Rigid plastic containers #1,2,5 - Bottles, tubs, clear cups and yogurt-type containers are the ONLY plastics with value in the single stream
    • Non-containers, black plastic, and plastics #3,4,6 and 7 are NOT marketable.
    • Plastic bags (and metal hangers, ribbons, string lights...) get tangled in the sorting equipment, creating hazards and causing costly shutdowns.

To search for specific materials, go to the RecycleSmart Recycling Guide.  For local outlets, go to Recycling A-Z.

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Take a video tour of the Waste Management recycling plant in Avon, where many of our towns’ recyclables go. Rosemary Nolan narrates.