Other Resources



Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection - solid waste and recycling

Catalog Choice - get yourself off the mailing lists of unwanted catalogs

Climate Change - meet renowned climatologist and author James Hansen, learn about his book that explains science and solutions, Storms of my Grandchildren

Commonwealth Communities - A state resource for finding information on the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts.  Each Community page includes links to official city/town and public school websites, and other Community sites that provide substantial information.

EPA New England, Region 1

US EPA Municipal Solid Waste in the US - 2013 Facts and Figures

Earth 911 - Community-specific information on environmental issues, including local recycling resources

Life Cycle Assessment of Reincarnation 100 Coated Freesheet Paper,Compared to Virgin Paper Baseline, SCS Global Services, Oct. 2015

Massachusetts bottle and can redemption centers

Mass. supermarkets with certified recycling status (SPRC)

Go Green Web Directory - information about environmentally friendly businesses, products and services, local events and activities on the South Shore. Site includes tips and info pages to find ways to offset your carbon footprint and more.

Responsible Purchasing Network by the Center for a New American Dream

Yellow Pages opt out program - adjust the number of directories you receive or remove yourself from directory distribution lists

Environmental Impact Calculators - provides tools to quantify the environmental impacts of lifestyle choices. Different calculators measure different areas.  You can also figure out whether it makes more sense to buy or lease a vehicle! (thanks to Malcolm and Bryant at Compton Community Center for the link)

Guide to recycling around the home - a home buyer's guide from HomeAdvosor, with links to many other resources (thanks to Ms. nill's Youth Group)



Saving Money & the Environment: A Kid's Guide to Recycling -  How can kids keep our planet from being wasted?  This site has lots of ideas and resources, start with one, and keep going!  Thanks to Jess L. for this link.

e-Awakening - an Abington-based communications company working toward environmental solutions through video

Alliance for Climate Protection - RePower America 

Duncan Elmwood Porcupine environmental coloring and activity book

America Recycles Day  Recycling resources and inspiration "It All Comes Back to You"

Al Gore's Nobel Prize acceptance speech

Secret Life of Paper -

My Plastic-Free Life - Blogger Beth Terry describes the challenges of living without plastic, and challenges others to join her

Small Choices Big Impact - how our product choices impact our planet (2 minute video)

Electronic Wasteland - 60 Minutes

The Seven Sins of Greenwashing - Terra Choice Environmental Marketing

Bag Lady - how to make totes from those ubiquitous plastic shopping bags, by a Cohasset native

Recycling Saves Money! -  from the perspective of a professional investor,  the page includes links about environmental savings as well

The Ultimate Green Shopping Guide Green shopping means focusing on buying items that have little impact on or have been designed to help the environment. 



MassRecycle  - the Massachusetts Recycling Coalition

Sustainable South Shore - an affiliation of active South Shore member groups working to create a model sustainable community to preserve our ecosystem 

Abington SAGE (Saving Abington with Green Energy) 

Center for Ecological Technology (CET) 

Northeast Recycling Council, Inc (NERC)  

WasteWi$e - a voluntary program of the US EPA that allows organizations to structure their own cost-saving recycling programs.;  List of Massachusetts members

Catalog Choice - reduce unwanted third class mail -control the number of yellow pages telephone directories you receive or stop directory delivery entirely. 



Freecycle - an online "swap shop".  Recycle your usable unwanted items through a local email network.  If you want to find a new home for something -- whether it's a chair, a fax machine, piano, or an old door -- you simply send an e-mail offering it to members of your Freecycle group. If you're looking to acquire something yourself. Simply respond to a member's offer, and you just might get it.

Massachusetts Materials Trader - the business version of Freecycle 

Building Materials Resource Center - a nonprofit building materials re-use project in Boston that accepts donations of good quality used and surplus cabinets, fixtures, doors, windows, lumber, sheetrock, etc. and sells them to the public at low prices. Low / moderate-income customers and nonprofits are eligible for a discount. 

World Computer Exchange - Donations of working monitors, CPUs, peripherals, software, cash and volunteer time accepted in Boston and Hull. Equipment is shipped to developing nations.

Crazy Crayons recycling program: for every pound of old stubby crayons sent to LAF Lines Ltd. for recycling, you will receive one CRAZY CRAYON™. For example, you send 50 pounds of unwanted crayons and you will get 50 CRAZY CRAYONS™ in return, as an effort to 'close the loop'.

Donate Your Old Cell Phone - Cell phones and other electronics contain toxic metals, and many still have value. 

Verizon's Hopeline supports non-profit domestic violence advocacy and prevention agencies

Recycline, Inc. has introduced the Preserve toothbrush. The handles are made from 100% recycled plastics, and each one comes with a postage-paid envelope so you can return it to the company, or to many natural food stores nationwide.  

Paper Retriever - public bins that accept paper for recycling.  Use the Locator to find a bin near you.