Propane tanks

Propane tank retailers take back refillable tanks.

1 lb. propane tanks can be refilled from a larger tank with this device. If EMPTY, scrap metal dealers will accept if the valve is removed.

propane tank

Many of our Member Towns accept propane tanks at their transfer stations and recycling centers. 

Keep valve closed: propane is heavier than air.  An 'empty' tank will have some residual gas that can be recovered by the propane tank processor.

Helium and CO2 are chemically inert, so the valves of unwanted tanks should be opened to relieve the pressure. If your town accepts scrap metal, heluim tanks may be disposed with your town's scrap metal or brought to a scrap metal dealer.

Propane, ethylene, oxygen and other pressurized flammable gas cylinders are generally not accepted with scrap metal or at haz waste collections. Contact your local fire department for instructions on their proper disposal.