Electronics and Media

TVs and Electronics

All of our towns have collection programs for TVs and computers.  Most charge fees for TVs and monitors to cover the cost associated with proper management (see your town's web page). 

  • Best Buy will recycle up to 3 units per day, per household, of most consumer electronics and small appliances at all U.S. stores: televisions and monitors up to 32”, desktop and laptop computers and notebooks, small electronics, VCR and DVD players,  phones, keyboards, mice, small electric items, fans, vacuums, and remotes at no charge. Some items have trade-in value.
  • Working computers may be donated to World Computer Exchange in Hull. They test and ship working computers to developing countries for use in schools. 
  • Lenovo and Nextworth allow you to trade in a wide range of gently used electronics for a Lenovo e-Gift card online.  
  • Costco Wholesale Corp. is expanding its trade-in program with Gazelle.com to offer take-back for unwanted small electronics, such as cell phones, digital cameras, game consoles and laptops, and gives participants Costco cash cards in return.  There are also drop off points in Foxboro and Franklin for larger items.
  •  Gazelle.com offers cash for many types of electronics, including laptops, cell phones, PDAs and gaming consoles, through a mail-in program.  They reuse or recycle items.
  • Office Depot gives gift cards in Technology Trade-In program on many non-CRT electronics (stores in Hanover and Plymouth)

  • PC Trading, 9 Industrial Way, Whitman accepts all electronics Mon-Fri, 8-4.  Pickup is also available. There is a fee  of $5-10 for most TVs and CRT monitors.  Call ahead 781-447-5995.

  • Radio Shack offers store credit through a portable electronic equipment mail-back program

  • Staples stores accept all brands of computers, monitors, laptops, printers, faxes, all-in-ones,  peripherals, ink and toner cartridges, and other items for recycling at no charge. (There are stores in Weymouth, Pembroke and Plymouth)

  • Dell will exchange many electronics, including PCs, mobile phones, digital cameras and MP3 players, for Dell Gift Cards in a mail-in program. Dell has a "no export" policy for end of life electronics.

  • Goldstar, LG, Sony, and Zenith  TVs, electronics and appliances are accepted at no charge at Waste Management Recycle America's Taunton facility, 330 E. Brittania St., 508-821-4444.  Other brands are also accepted, for a fee. (7-3:30, M-F)

  • Hewlett Packard operates both a take-back and a buy back program for hardware and supplies, including PCs, monitors, printers, digital cameras, personal digital assistants and smart phones of any brand cartridges through the mail.  Click here, enter the product info and see if it has value.  HP and Compaq products that have no value are taken at no charge. 

  •   Lenovo offers free end of life secure, environmentally safe disposal of obsolete electronic equipment – regardless of original manufacturer.  Receive cash back for purchasing new PCs.

  • Samsung accepts many types of office equipment for trade when purchasing new Samsung equipment.  It also accepts its own products at no charge at 174 locations, including 701 Waverly St., Framingham

  • Toshiba offers free recycling and even trade in rebates on many brands and types of electronic components.

  • EcoSquid finds the best options for reselling and recycling electronics, including cell phones.

If that's not enough, check out PC World's Electronics Recycling Superguide.  The guide lists all OEMs with producer-responsibility programs, where they are offered, what they cost and what they cover.

Mobile phones and devices

Most retailers that sell phones accept them for recycling.

eRecycling Corps offers mobile device trade-in for cash ir credit at major cell phone retailers.  Devices are evaluated to determine if they can be repaired and reused, or recycled, scrubbed of data, and put to their highesst practical use.

CDs, DVDs, LPs, cases, tapes

cds mediaBig Hearted Books and RecycleThat have drop boxes that accept CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, vinyl LPs and audio books in their original cases. Please no taped, burned, or home recorded media. Click here for local drop box locations. 

For noncommercial (taped, burned, or home recorded) CDs, DVDs and cases, mail to CD Recycling Center of America, 68H Stiles Road, Salem, NH 03079


Vinyl records can also be made into party bowls

GreenDisk accepts electronics and electronic media "technotrash" for a fee.