NOAA Trash Talk- Marine Debris (15 minutes), so informative and entertaining the series won an Emmy!

Recycling on the South Shore (9 min), featuring Kingston DPW Director Paul Basler, SSRC RECO Julie Sullivan. reported by Brian Sullivan, PCN/PACTV, 10/26/2017

Hingham HHW collection (11 min) HCAM TV, 6/10/2017 

Harbor Interests- Recycling featuring RECO Julie Sullivan (30 min), HCAM TV, 5/17/17

Let's clean up our recycling (30 sec. PSA), PACTV, 4/2017

Why can't you recycle plastic bags? 2 min., 12/14/2016

Waste Management Recycle America, Avon single stream sorting, 3 minutes, Rosemary Nolan, 1/4/2013

How to assemble the New Age Composter featuring Ann McGovern, 7 minutes, MassDEP,

Composting 101-Making compost in bins and piles, 4 min., Grow Organic, 4/7/2011