April 2018        printable version      web page

March meeting notes and updatesWATD Tania Kevin Julie Merle Lorraine
    Recolor Paint
    Grind-Screen contractor introductions
    Glass management options

    RDP grant planning
    IMA Extensions - All towns have signed
    HHW administration changes
    Facebook update

RECO Report- Kingston, Plymouth, Norwell, Rockland
SSRC PSAs on the WATD 95.9 fm
Kingston’s new swap shop all about give and take

Hingham High wins MassRecycle K-12 award
What lies in store for area recycling?
Glass recycling update from MassDEP

Mass. tackles contamination with Recycling IQ grants
Giddy-up: adapting post-China


February 2018      printable version      web page

January meeting notes, updatestrash only no recyclables

RecycleThat presentation
Annual Report
Grind Screen contract awards
Small scale Outreach Grant proposals
Recycling Dividend Program planning

Recycling IQ Kit grants available through April
January RECO Report: Kingston and Plymouth
Kingston is putting haulers on notice

Duxbury BOH considers hauler recycling rule
RDP funds may be used for high recycling costs
SSRC organizes contingency planning meeting

Glass Recycling halts with Milford plant closure
MassDEP addresses recycling challenges
Rep. Cantwell responds to Digital R2R request


January 2018         printable version      web page

December Meeting notes, updatesNoBag Card 2

Waste Management presentation
HHW contract
Grind Screen IFB
Small scale outreach grant proposals

RECO Report- Middleboro, Kingston, Plymouth
Cohasset pay-per-throw scofflaws warned
NBWS Announces Plans to Open Facility in Fall

RDP grant reports, recycling data due Feb. 15
Contracting for Solid Waste & Recycling Services
Organics recovery, capacity growing in Mass.

Maxed out Mass. MRFs prompt disposal waivers
Chinese processing group sets goals for US visit
Recycling Partnership Update: Where it’s at

December 2017         printable version        web page

October Board meeting notes and updatesChairman White sendoff

Excel Recycling
Basler elected VC; Brown succeeds Chairman White
Sharps collection programs
National Sword hits home

RECO delivers in Abington, Hanson, Middleboro
SSRC Munis awarded $99K in 2nd round SMRP
Duxbury cans single stream, goes back to sorting
Hull BOS creates solid waste task force
China’s National Sword hits home

What can we do?

Boston kicks off Zero Waste Planning with consulting contract
Boston City Council oks plastic bag ban

October 2017         printable version        web page

September Board meeting report and updateskeep calm and recycle right
Bay State Textiles School Box program
Chairman White to retire
Mattress recycling legislation
HHW contract negotiation
Private hauler regulations/enforcement
RECO report- Abington, Hanson
SSRC towns awarded $162K in first grant round
DEP adjusts grant offerings, requirements for 2018
Hull updates Hauler Regulations
Abington BOH passes Styrofoam ban
Sen. O’Connor supports mattress recycling study bill
Paper prices fall, plastics steady
China’s National Sword challenges US recycling
Seeking solutions
NOAA Marine Debris Program Responds to Hurricanes


September 2017      printable version    web page

July meeting notes and updatesAbington Julie Stephanie

Bylaws revision
FY18 Budget
Vendor issues
MAC Koep thanks munis
HHW update
Digital Media Intern sought

RECO Summer report - Cohasset, Duxbury
Abington Recycling IQ Kit update
Kingston BOH puts non-reporting Haulers on notice
Marshfield Fair recycling continues to thrive

Mattress recycling bill, demonstration at Beacon Hill
Commodity price update
Latest developments on China’s ban


July 2017      printable version      web page

June meeting notes and updatesMary snow recognition

Remyndr app– a simple, modern communication tool

EBoard election

Bylaws revision almost done

RECO report

Maximizing 2017 grant benefits

Contracting caveats

Volunteer needed

RECO plays starring roles in Hingham, Cohasset

SEMASS MSP supports SSRC outreach efforts

Calling Recycling Ambassadors for Marshfield Fair

China’s “Green Fence” may be getting higher

MASSPSC proposesr Mattress study law

MassDEP presents Green Team awards to schools

Hypergeometric touts value of SSRC

Waste sorters a hit at Fenway


May 2017      printable version *      web page

April meeting notes and updatesWelcome to hull
   Hull welcomed back as a Member Town
   Good Point Recycling (e-waste)
   Bylaws revision
   RECO report
   Getting the most $ out of 2017 Grants

RECO officially reporting for duty at Hingham TS
Congratulations to newlyweds Janine and Mark going viral

NRRA “Back to the Future” Conference
More Than Words highlighted in Boston Globe
MassRecycle Files Mattress Recycling Budget Rider
Mayor Walsh requests proposals for zero waste plan
DEP chief says more effort needed for 2020 waste goal

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April 2017      printable version       web page

March meeting notes and updatesearthrise
   More Than Words
   HHW contract extended
   RECO report
   Maximizing 2017 grant benefits
   CPR offers free paper shredding
   Mercury management review

Hull signs IMA to join SSRC
RECO program update
Waste Management hosts Avon MRF tour
Grant webinars posted
Compost bin grant point reminder
DEP posts guidance for muni hauler regulations
MSP contributes to reduced mercury emissions
Price spikes moderate, recyclables stay strong
Mass. reduces, exports waste as landfills close

March 2017      printable version       web page

February meeting notes and updatescomposting
    Capital Paper Recycling
    Meet our new RECO
    Bylaws review update
    Maximizing RDP grants; free wiping cloths
    MassRecycle R3 Conference
    Next meetings

RECO Update, deadline
Win-win-win with compost bins
    Kitchen scrap bucket group order?
More good RDP news
SSRC visits CRS
Tour of WM Avon 3/30
Weymouth produces anti-contamination PSA
SE MRC features SSRC Managers
Mass trash capacity discussed at 2 EBC eventsRecycling materials sellers enjoy higher prices


February 2017      printable version       web page

SSRC hires Recycling Education and Compliance Officer!

January Board Meeting notes

    Complete Recycling Solutions 

recycle IQ dont bag sign

    RECO hiring update

    Bylaws Review
    Paper index subscription cost
    Maximizing 2017 RDP grants
    Spring HHW schedule

RMG Enterprise tour

Complete Recycling Solutions tour

SSRC releases 2016 Annual Report

Waste/Recycling surveys, RDP reports due Feb. 15

Mass. Food Waste Ban boosts jobs, economy

Cities still struggle to fix recycling contamination

Markets improve again for residential recyclables

Best practices for Dropoff Operations


January 2017       printable version       web page

December Board Meeting notesthank you for recycling

    RMG Enterprise

    Recycling Education and Compliance Officer update

    EWaste options

    Fall HHW Review

    New Business

        Textiles earn Abington schools $10k

        UTEC service issues

Spring 2017 HHW schedule posted

Waste/recycling surveys, RDP reports due Feb. 15

Introducing the Recycling IQ Kit!

Recycling markets continue price rise


December 2016     printable version      web page

November Board Meeting notes

    Republic Services presentation

    Grind screen contract evaluation, extension

    Recycling Education and Compliance Officer post

    Recycling Dividend Program improvements

    Bylaws review committee

    EWaste options

    Recognition of Former Chairman Cafferty

RECO interviews net zero

Regionalism grows in fall HHW season

Kingston BOH approves private hauler recycling requirement

Norwell PAYT/cart program off to a great start

Stay out of court and the news, follow the Procurement rules

A note of caution from the SSRC “IT Department”

2017 Community Rain Barrel Program

Industry urges permanent device unlocking allowance

November 2016     printable version        web page

September Board Meeting notescomputer ghost

     Speaker: Greg Smith, Town of Needham

     Recycling Education and Compliance Officer (RECO) grant scope

     The New, Improved Mass. Product Stewardship Council (MASSPSC)

EWaste crisis reaches our towns

SSRC virtual office crashes; 4 years of Outlook files vanish

Bans on Plastic Bags a Growing Trend throughout Mass.

Mass. faced with limited disposal capacity, fewer options

ReuseConex Conference offers solutions

The Far Reach of Reuse

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September 2016    printable version       web page

August Board Meeting notes

   Speaker: Tony Pusateri, Spiegel South Shore ScrapIMG 1888

   Meet Todd Koep, our new MAC

   FY17 priorities

   Fall HHW schedule

   FY18 dues adjustment

   Recycling Education and Compliance Officer grant scope

SEMASS MSP covers cost of HHW flyers

Why HHW collections are important:

   Allied Waste driver hospitalized, neighborhood locked down after chemical reaction in truck

Norwell trash down, recycling up with PAYT, carts  

SE MRC features Ewaste processors, MASSPSC sneak peak

Best Practices for Developing Hauler Regs to be discussed

Paper and plastic pricing rebounding?

A look at recycling's role in fight against climate change 

August 2016    printable version    web page

June Board Meeting notesdog days of summer   
    EBoard elections   
    Spring HHW review   
    Recycling Ed/ Compliance Officer grant   
    Enforcement issues, methods   
    Web site launch   
    Surplus compost
We have a new MAC!  Welcome Todd Koep
Norwell launches automated PAYT cart collection
Recycling required of Plymouth private haulers (wickedlocal)
What to do with a potentially explosive hoverboard?
SE MRC June meeting: Enterprise FundsRecycling bills take last gasp in House
W&MTips from the SWANA
listserv: Outreach Budgeting
Closed Loop Fund offers Food Waste Recovery grants
U.S. Conference of Mayors Passes Food Waste Resolution

May Board Meeting notes website screenshot

    EZ Disposal Presentation

    Paint Letter

    17th anniversary Event wrap-up

    EBoard Nominating Committee

    Executive Director’s Report

        DEP SMRP, RDP Grants

        Legislative actions/updates

        Mass Product Stewardship Council

        Website upgrade

SSRC Board tours PC Survivors

NBWS files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy

Four alarm fire engulfs Zero Waste Solutions building

MMA consults with Director on Bottle Bill repeal bill

Springfield City Council opposes Bottle bill repeal

Recovered paper pricing finally rising

US paper recovery rate increases to 66.8%

Ontario lawmakers approve full EPR for packaging

Tips from the SWANA listserv: Reducing contamination at community drop-off recycling centers


May 2016  printable version   web page

SSRC bash convenes State / local officials, lawmakers, vendors Keefes tweet

March Board Meeting notes and news

HHW contract with Stericycle extended

Dues adjustment discussed

RDP grant Textile bonus point 

Strategies to reduce rising recycling costs

Website woes

Recycler of the Year

PAYT on Kingston Town Meeting warrant

DEP grant applications due June 15

Win with Textile toolkit

Dozens of legislators engaged at Paint Advocacy Day

Mass Product Stewardship Council taking a giant step

State Contract for bins, carts, containers, compactors renewed

Down with smelly trash 1:  Use the SaveTheFood campaign

2:  Sell low cost compost bins

15 packaging materials that vex recycling facilities


March 2016   printable version    web page

February Board Meeting notes

     Excel Recycling Presentation

     Legislation: Reinstate CEF, Hauler safety

     2015 Data review

     Website – RIP, Richard Rogers

     Spring HHW flyers

     Deposit sheds

     RDP grant requirements relaxed, enhanced

     Farewell Rosemary, welcome Fred

17th Anniversary Event to feature DEP Commr. Suuberg

Janine leaves MACdom for the Big City

Good news from Beacon Hill – our voices heard

     Mass. mandates drug take-back program

     Bill to Reinstate CEF reported out favorably

     Public Space Recycling Bill moves to SW&M

Bad news from Beacon Hill

     Bottle Bill Repeal reported out of TUE

Paint Stewardship Advocacy Day 4/13

Harvest Power halts Bourne landfill lease for anaerobic digestor

Houston and WM agree to contract without glass

February 2016  printable version    web page

January Board Meeting notes

PC Survivors of Mass.

2015 Annual Report

CEF Reinstatement bill

Meeting locations

Anniversary event

Recognition presentations

Spring HHW schedule posted; latex paint at three

Cohasset, Kingston get new mercury sheds from SEMASS

Kingston BOS OKs business recycling at transfer station

Boost textile revenues, earn easy RDP Bonus Point

Join DEP and The Recycling Partnership to improve quality

Director to speak at MassRecycle Conference Quincy

Ewaste laws across US inform local efforts

Experts weigh in on top CRT glass issues

“Right To Repair” bill highlighted in Boston Globe

Bottle Bill repeal proponents host seminar

January 2016  printable version     web page

December Board Meeting notes 

     Bay State Textile sponsored

     Grind-screen contract extended

     C&D costs discussed

     7 Legislation positions voted

     Meeting location(s) debated

8 Towns, SSRC commended for successes

17th Anniversary Event set for April 7

MassDEP grant reporting reminders

Webinar: Waste and Recycling Enforcement

Bourne landfill expansion plans revealed

Shard to recycle: Cities, MRFs seeking glass solutions

Packaging Producer Responsibility gains ground at PSI Forum

Molding sustainability into the plastic bottle

December 2015    printable version      web page

November Board Meeting notes

     MassDEP's Greg Cooper discusses Glass issues

     Ewaste RFQ results

2015 HHW round up

SSRC awarded $82,000 SMRP grant

Sylvester School Green Machines learn about pizza box recycling

Paint Legislation nears vote

Important mercury info from SEMASS

Mercury Levels Down in Freshwater Fish!

Mass. Textile Stakeholder Summit

NERC Glass Forum

Nat'l Product Stewardship Forum Tackles Drug Take-Back, Packaging, Climate Change

Trash talk at COP21 in Paris


November 2015    printable version      web page

October Board Meeting notes

   Capital Paper Recycling

   Trash Bash 2016?

   CEF, E-Waste legislation

   SE MRC Municipal Organics Collection presentations

   Ewaste issues, RFQ interest?

   SEMASS offering mercury sheds

   SEMASS sending mercury rebate payments

Kingston BOS vote to present PAYT to voters

SSRC releases plastic bag op-ed for ARD

MAPSC, PSI set municipal goals for product stewardship actions

National Product Stewardship Forum coming to Boston

Director's notes: EBC Solid Waste Conference

Webinar: Best Practices for Implementing Reuse Events

Industry bites back after New York Times recycling column


October 2015    printable version      web page

September Board Meeting notes 

     Mid City Scrap sponsors breakfast

     EBoard re-elected

     FY2016 Plan

HHW Roll Off RFQ

SSRC towns get $107K in Round 1 DEP SMRP

Website update

Director testifies on Ewaste Producer Responsibility bill

Director invited to regulatory advisory group

Zero Waste Solutions facility opening pegged at April

Mass DEP Textile Recovery Stakeholders Meeting

MassRecycle, MBTA Launch recycling program at Alewife

USDA, EPA set national food waste reduction goals


September 2015  printable version        web page

July Board Meeting notes

Duxbury, Hanson endorse Paint Stewardship Bill

Hanson doubles recycling rate with 'pay-as-you-throw'

Kingston recycling antifreeze, large rigid plastics

Containers available for event recycling

Muni Organics Programs to be featured at SE MRC

State promotes mattress recycling

U.S. Recycling Workers Face Hazards, High Injury Rates

ERI, iFixit work together to recover, sell parts

Boost Plastic Film Recycling in Your Community

KAB "I want to be recycled" video contest produces winners

American recycling biz woes

Tips for Tackling Contamination in Recycling Streams

July 2015   printable version    web page

June Board Meeting

   SCS Engineers – compost site management

   Paint Stewardship bill support letters

   Fall HHW collections

   DEP regulatory remedies

   SSRC Propane tank pricing

Plymouth BOH passes hauler recycling reg

Norwell votes for Pay-as-you-throw

SSRC Director testifies State House hearing

SSRC applies for field staff grant

CRTRecycling still operating despite fire

SE Muni Recycling Council – tech aides for muni programs

Recyclables market synopsis (NRRA)

Tips from SWANA Listserv: Automation of Garbage Collection

MassCEC Awards $1.1 Mil for Anaerobic Digestion Projects


May 2015     PDF version    web page

April Board Meeting

   Conigliaro Industries sponsor presentation

   DEP SMRP Grant info

   Website Tour, feedback

   Executive Director's Report

     Bridgewater-Raynham High school presentation

     Vegetable oil collection options

Middleboro site accepting food waste

Hingham HS named US DOE Green Ribbon School

Anaerobic Digestion facility breaks ground in Freetown

Great Locker Greenout

Connecticut Launches First-in-US Mattress Recycling Program

April 2015     PDF version      Web page

16th Anniversary Trash Bash gets rave reviews

   Plymouth, Hanson, Scituate "Municipal Trash Bashers"

   Panel Discussion and Comedy

New HHW contract, program worth $32,000/yr to Member Towns

February Board Meeting news

   Recycle That

   Mass. Product Stewardship Council

   Paint Producer Responsibility bill

   Mattress Recycling quotes

March Board Meeting News

   Big Hearted Books

   Free/paying vegetable oil options

Regional curbside contract investigation

Kingston PAYT forum

New State Contract: bins, carts, and roll-offs

UTEC Mattress Recycling headlines in Globe

Scaring away seagulls

"Don't Flush That" infotainment video

February 2015   MailChimp version    PDF version

January Board Meeting News

   Bay State Textiles

   Reusable Bag distribution

   Packaging Stewardship legislation

   Director's Report:

      Recyclable RFQ

      Universal Recycling bill

     Big Hearted Books

     Recycle That

StyrofoamⓇ recycling

Recycling Dividends Program planning


SSRC's March "Trash Bash" to feature Jimmy Tingle

Miller Recycling puts mattress recycling to sleep

Ewaste, Mattress Pricing

Need help spending your Grant money wisely?

Mass. Product Stewardship Council revving up

DEP Reports due Feb. 15

Commonwealth Mag Asks: Is This The Best We Can Do?

September Board Meeting notes

Speaker: Greg Smith, Town of Needham

Recycling Education and Compliance Officer (RECO) grant scope

The New, Improved Mass. Product Stewardship Council (MASSPSC)

EWaste crisis reaches our towns

SSRC virtual office crashes; 4 years of Outlook files vanish

Bans on Plastic Bags a Growing Trend throughout Mass.

Mass. faced with limited disposal capacity, fewer options

ReuseConex Conference offers solutions

The Far Reach of Reuse

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