In the News

5/8/19   MPHA to honor Plymouth Health Director , Wickedlocal Plymouth

3/19/19  How a new policy in China has led to a recycling crisis in Mass., WBUR 

1/24/19  SSRC set to make sure you understand recycling at the Scituate Transfer Station, by Ruth Thompson, Scituate Mariner  

1/18/19  How to make sure your recycling gets recycled, by Maggie Koerth-Baker,  FiveThirtyEight


11/15/18  Red ink at the transfer station, by Tracy Seelye. Whitman-Hanson Express

8/20/18   Facing higher costs, cities enforce cleaner recycling, by Yasmin Amir and Bob Oakes,  WBUR

8/10/18  How to recycle the right way, by Shira Center, Boston Globe

8/9/18   Recycling your packaging, by Annie Sedoric , Wicked Local Arlington

7/19/18  Massachusetts only glass recycling plant closes, Craig LeMoult, WGBH

7/12/18  Norwell implements new recycling program, Kate Walsh, WickedLocal Norwell

6/26/18 Norwell: Program Evaluating Curbside Recycling Barrels for Contamination Starts this Week, WATD

6/5/18  A case for producer responsibility, Claire Galkowski, Resource Recycling (reprinted in the NERC bulletin)

6/5/18  New China policies spark disarray in region's recycling industry, David Abel, Boston Globe

5/25/18 Why recycling costs more than garbage, Stephanie Leydon, WGBH, featuring Rockland's Janice McCarthy

5/4/18  Good intentions, bad habits fuel recycling crisisNeal Simpson, Patriot Ledger

4/25/18 OUR VIEW: Plastic bag bans picking up support, WickedLocal Hanover, with comment by Claire Galkowski

4/6/18  South Shore Recycling Cooperative: Importanve of cleaning up recycling stream, by Julie Sullivan, WickedLocal Kingston

4/4/18  Hull mandate aims to bundle trash, recycling pickup, by Mary Whitfill, Patriot Ledger

3/29/18  Kingston's new swap shop all about give and take, by Kathryn Gallerani, WickedLocal Kingston

3/16/18  Plymouth grapples with changes in recycling market, by Frank Mand, WickedLocal Plymouth, with comment by Glaire Galkowski

3/12/18  What lies in store for area recycling?  by Kathryn Gallerani, WickedLocal Duxbury, Kingston, Plymouth, Carver, Halifax, Rochester, Wareham

2/18/18 In this contest, the least trashy team wins (Hingham High), by Hattie Bernstein, Globe South

1/29/18  Kingston is putting haulers on notice, by Kathryn Gallerani, WickedLocal Kingston


12/1/17 Mass. Recyclers grapple with effects of China Banby Gerry Tuoti, Patriot Ledger

10/5/17  Life in plastic, it's fantastic... or is it?  by Julie Sullivan, Whitman-Hanson Express

9/22/17  Town (Abington) bans Styrofoam food containers, Jean Lang, Boston Globe

7/21/17  Abington ramps up recycling with pilot program, Jonathan Ng, Boston Globe

7/18/17  When you factor in the cost iof disposal, repair sounds lke the smart move, LTE by Claire Galkowski, Boston Globe 

7/11/17  Abington to improve recycling through The Recycling Partnership, Wicked Local Abington

6/17/17  Op Ed:  How Not Recycling impacts your wallet, Julie Sullivan, Cohasset Mariner

6/13/17  Getting recycling out of the trash bin in Cohasset, Mary Ford, Cohasset Mariner

5/26/17  Hull re-joins SSRC, providing access to Hazardous Waste collections

4/12/17  Another kind of black gold (template for press release)

4/12/17  Your town is offering low cost compost bins to residents (template press release)

3/27/17  Kingston BOH to require private haulers to recycle 

2/17/17 SSRC hires Recycling Education and Compliance Officer

12/28/2016 11 press releases:  SSRC, eight member towns commended for waste reduction successes

6/10/16 Holey Socks! They go in the donation box! Hingham Journal, Cohasset Mariner

4/8/2016 South Shore Recycling Cooperative holds 17th Anniversary EventBobbi Clark, 95.9 WATD fm 

2/16/2016  Kingston Schools, Resident honored for waste reduction efforts,Wickedlocal Kingston

1/31/2016 Kingston Board of Selectmen: Exploring business access to recycling at transfer station,Wickedlocal Kingston

1/14/2016, Hingham recognized for waste reduction, Wickedlocal Hingham

1/13/2016, Cohasset recognized for waste reduction efforts ,Wickedlocal Cohasset

1/9/2016, Scituate commended for waste reduction successes, Wickedlocal Scituate

1/8/2016 Abington recognized for environmental efforts, WickedLocal Abington


12/31/2015  Weymouth schools, DPW commended for waste reduction, WickedLocal Weymouth

12/31/2015 Town of Duxbury commended, WickedLocal Duxbury

10/24/2015 Remember: Recycling in Hingham Is Mandatory, Kim Juric, Hingham Journal

10/28/2015 Recycling Wars: Opponents touch gloves, now what?, John Trotti, MSW Mamagement Weekly

10/13/2015 The Value of Waste Reduction, or, What the New York Times Got Wrong About Recycling, Waste Zero blog post

10/12/2015  You say "recycling is garbage?" Trash that argument, Conrad MacKerron, GreenBiz

10/10/2015 Where Our Trash Goes: 9 more LTEs in response to "The Reign of Recycling", NYT

10/9/2015 Fact Check: Reign of Recycling, Closed Loop Fund Team

10/7/2015 ISRI Responds to Misinformed Claims About the State of Recycling in The New York Times

10/6/2015 Two decades later, NY Times takes another swipe at recyclingDylan deThomas, Resource Recycling

10/6/2015 He's Back, Athena Lee Bradley, Northeast Recycling Council

10/5/2015 NYT Missed the mark. Keefe Harrison responds, The Recycling Partnership, LTE to NY Times

10/3/2015 The Reign of Recycling, OpEd by John Tierney, NY Times

9/21/2015  Marshfield Fair makes a habit of recycling (download)

8/21/2015 Containers available for event recycling (download)

8/17/2015 State promotes mattress recycling; Landfills running out of room Boston Globe, by David Abel

8/18/2015  Kingston Transfer Station now takes antifreeze, large rigid plastics (download)

8/9/2015   The Argument: Should Massachusetts adopt legislation making recycling mandatory for all residents?, Boston Globe South Weekly, Brenda Black, Bob Stubbs

7/20/2015  Plymouth to require private hauler recycling, eliminate $10 recycling-only sticker, Old Colony Memorial

6/27/2015 Editorial: Keep Trash on the Table, Greg Mathis, Old Colony Memorial

6/10/2015  Editorial: Less trash talk, more talk about trashOld Colony Memorial

4/9/2015    Trash Bash story, South Shore Recycling Cooperative, PACTV Plymouth Community News (video)

4/8/2015    Plymouth receives "Municipal Trash Basher" Award, Old Colony Memorial

3/27/2015  Plymouth's Trash Program is a Winner; Comedian Jimmy Tingle Rocks CrowdWATD

3/26/2015  Kingston PAYT Forum, PACTV, Community News,(video - 4 minutes)

11/4/2014  Powerful Women Revealed: Nicole Perry hosts a conversation with SSRC Director Claire Galkowski on WATD0 (audio pod)

9/30/2014  Hingham businesses doing their part with recycling, Hingham Journal

6/10/2014  Holey Socks, not in the trash!

4/17/2014  PACTV Community News South Shore Recycling Cooperative (5 minute video about 15th Anniversary Tour and Awards)

4/1/2014  South Shore Recycling Cooperative honors four Environmental Heroes at 15th Anniversary Celebration 

3/27/2014  Companies cited for recyclables in the trash Boston Globe

11/19/2013 South Shore Recycling Cooperative lauds Merle Brown for fifteen years of service 

11/1/2013 Scituate students experience the power of hands-on learning Patriot Ledger

3/2011 MassRecycle's Paper campaign on CBS Boston. It started at the SSRC in 2006! (video)

Recycler of the Year Award 2016
Director Galkowski received MassRecycle’s Individual Recycler of the Year Award. Sydney Hausman-Cohen from Product Stewardship Institute submitted the nomination. Other winners included The Boston Red Sox (business), the Town of Manchester-by-the-Sea (municipality), and mattress recycler UTEC Lowell (institution).