Mercury and Mercury-added products

Mercury is a silver liquid used in many consumer products.mercury

It is ILLEGAL to dispose of mercury or mercury-containing products in the trash or recycling.  

While useful when contained in the products, if released into the environment and ingested, it is toxic to the nervous system, liver and kidneys. Pregnant women and young children are most vulnerable. 

Most of our Member Towns provide free collection service to their residents for mercury containing products, including fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps, thermometers, thermostats, blood pressure cuffs, barometers, button batteries and other devices. 

Click here for SSRC Member Town residential dropoff locations.

For a comprehensive list of MA collection locations, click here.

Several retailers also accept compact fluorescent lamps and button batteries for recycling.

Small amounts (up to a tablespoon) of Elemental mercury not contained within a product should be brought to a HHW collection event in a secure container.  

Covanta SEMASS covers the cost of in-home pickup for larger quantities (more than a tablespoon) of elemental mercury in many of our towns through a program with MassDEP.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Covanta SEMASS, (508) 291-4427, to request a FREE pickup.

In case of an accidental spill or breakage, follow the instructions here.

Commercial fluorescent lamp info and collectors

Commercial product collection programs.


Interesting fact:  one liquid ounce (2 tablespoons) of mercury weighs nearly a pound! (specific gravity = 13.56 g/ml)

For more information, go to "Keep Mercury from Rising"


SSRC Member Town residential dropoff locations for mercury products

Items may also be brought to a HHW collection

See your Town's web page for hours and restrictions

Abington: Board of Health, 500 Gliniewicz Way

Cohassset: Recycling Transfer Facility, 91 Cedar St.

Duxbury: Transfer and Recycling Station, 145 Mayflower St.

Hanover: Transfer station, 118 Rockland st. (Rt. 139)

Hanson: Transfer station, 201 Franklin st. (Rt. 27) 

Hingham: Transfer station, 1 Sam Ryder Rd.

Hull:  Coming soon

Kingston: Recycling and Disposal Center, 10 Cranberry Rd.; items other than fluorescent tubes to DPW office, 32 Evergreen St. 

Middleboro: Landfill, 207 Plympton St.

Norwell: Recycling Center, 310 Main St. (Rt. 123)

Plymouth: Manomet Transfer Station, Beaver Dam Rd.

-thermometers, thermostats, switches, BP cuffs only (no fluorescent lamps):  DPW Solid Waste Div., 159 Camelot Dr.; Town Hall, Marine and Environmentlal Mgmt. Dept.

Rockland:  Recycling Center, 1000 Beech St.

Scituate:  Transfer station, 280 Driftway

Weymouth: DPW, 120 Winter St.

Whitman: Board of Health, 54 South Ave. -thermometers, thermostats, switches, BP cuffs only.  Bring Fluorescent lamps to a HHW collection