HHW Material Not Accepted

Hazardous Waste Material Accepted at Some Events

usable latex paint (see schedule)

motor oil *

antifreeze *

fluorescent tubes (accepted at Weymouth only)*

NiCad (rechargeable) and button batteries (accepted at Weymouth only) *

electronics (accepted at Weymouth only)*

flares (acceoted at Plymouth only)

Hazardous Waste Material Not Accepted at Any Events

nonusable latex paint

alkaline batteries (dispose in trash)

smoke detectors (dispose in trash)

radioactive materials 

construction materials

pathological and medical waste

pressurized gas cylinders * (including fire extinguishers)

lead acid (automotive) batteries *

explosives (call your local Fire Dept.)

industrial waste

* Visit your town's page under Town Programs and click on the link on the left under 'It's Easy & It's Mandatory' to check whether these items are collected regularly by your town.


IMPROPER DISPOSAL of hazardous waste materials can react, explode or create toxic fumes, contaminate soil and groundwater, and endanger the health & safety of people & animals.

Bring chemicals in original or labeled containers when possible.

MERCURY It is ILLEGAL to dispose of mercury containing products in the trash. Bring your mercury-containing products to the Board of Health during regular hours.

  • a heavy silver liquid that poisons the nervous system, liver & kidneys
  • pregnant women & young children are the most vulnerable
  • found in compact fluorescent lamps, and in many thermometers, thermostats, barometers & blood pressure cuffs
  • poses no hazard when contained in a product

Some retailers accept compact fluorescent lights and button batteries

For more information, go to keepmercuryfromrising.org