Hazardous Waste


SPRING 2016          Printable flyer    

9 am - 1 pm, rain or shine, unless hurricane conditions:

 4/9   Weymouth**  DPW, 120 Winter St.

Unwanted medications also accepted

4/23  Plymouth/Middleboro, Plymouth DPW, 169 Camelot Dr.

4/30  Hanover** Transfer Station, 118 Rockland St. (Rt. 139)

5/14  Duxbury/Kingston, Duxbury Middle school, St. George St.

5/21  Hingham, Plymouth River School, 200 High St.

6/4    Hanson Plymouth County Hospital, 252 High St.

6/11  Scituate** Highway Dept., 68 Capt. Pierce Rd.

 ** Usable latex paint accepted

                Other HHW options

  • Residents of host and co-host towns (in green above) may attend their town's collection at no charge.
    • Proof of residency is required at event.
  • Residents of SSRC member towns who wish to go to an event that their town is NOT hosting/cohosting may attend at no charge with a VISITOR AUTHORIZATION FORM from their own town's Hazardous Waste coordinator.
    • Your town may limit subsidized quantity.
    • Proof of residency is required at event.
  • Visitors from ANY town that is NOT hosting/cohosting the event, who 
  • don't have an authorization form, or
  • have more material than their town authorized,
please bring a check made out to Stericycle Environmental.  Costs are as follows, based on container size:
    • Less than10 gallons/20 lbs: $24. 10-25 gallons/21-50 lbs: $45.  Larger quantities are assessed in additional multiples of $45.
  • Commercial generators: contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Stericycle, 617-852-3086 to prearrange payment.

Materials accepted at all events:

From the workbench:

  • oil based paint and stain*
  • hobby/artist supplies
  • photography chemicals
  • fiberglass resins
  • adhesives

From the shed:

  • pesticides, herbicides, fungicides
  • fertilizers containing pesticides
  • pool chemicals
  • cesspool cleaners
  • wood preservatives

From the garage:

  • flammable liquids and aerosols
  • gasoline, motor oil mixtures
  • tire cleaners
  • transmission fluid
  • degreasers
  • carburetor cleaner
  • brake fluid
  • marine and auto paints

From the house:

  • Mercury, including thermometers and thermostats *
  • drain cleaners
  • moth balls and crystals
  • hazardous cleaners and polishes
  • poisons
  • acids and bases
  • asbestos (friable) - wetted and double-bagged: call ahead 781.329.8318

Materials accepted at some events:

  • motor oil *
  • antifreeze *
  • fluorescent tubes*
  • NiCad (rechargeable) and button batteries *
  • electronics (there may be a fee)*
  • ** usable latex paint 

Materials not accepted include:

* click on your town's link under the "Member Towns" tab to see if these items are collected regularly by your town

Bring chemicals in original or labeled containers when possible.  

Improper disposal of these materials can react, explode or create toxic fumes, contaminate soil and groundwater and endanger the health and safety of people and animals.

Mercury, a heavy silver liquid, poisons the nervous system, liver and kidneys.  Pregnant women and young children are most vulnerable.   For more information, go to www.keepmercuryfromrising.org  




Board of Health

COHASSET Dept. of Public Works 781-383-0273
DUXBURY Dept. of Public Works 781-934-1100 x5501
HANOVER Dept. of Public Works 781-826-3189
HANSON  Board of Health 781-293-3138
HINGHAM Dept. of Public Works 781-741-1430
KINGSTON Streets, Trees & Parks 781-585-0513
MIDDLEBORO Dept. of Public Works 508-946-2480
NORWELL Board of Health 781-659-8016
PLYMOUTH Marine and Environmental Affairs 508-747-1620 x201
ROCKLAND Board of Health 781-871-0154,x350
SCITUATE Dept. of Public Works 781-545-8731
WEYMOUTH Dept. of Public Works 781-337-5100
WHITMAN Board of Health 781-618-9755

Call the South Shore Recycling Cooperative at 781-329-8318

for more information and directions.