Flares contain perchlorates, which are toxic to aquatic life; NEVER allow to leach into groundwater, sewer or any body of water. road flare pt res.thm


Flares are flammable; NEVER dispose of flares in household trash.

  • For road flares, call the MassDOT Highway Division district office nearest you (here for Weymouth, here for all other SSRC towns) to see if they may be able to use them on any upcoming roadwork projects.
  • Ignite hand-held signals flares vertically on land in a safe, unpaved area, as highway flares would be ignited.
  • Retain flares for back-up use to expand signaling time in the event of an emergency.


Do not light boat flares without permission from the Coast Guard (781-340-1373), as it is a federal offense to call a false emergency.