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It has grabbed numerous headlines, but what is China’s National Sword? This webinar will give a critical update on what China’s scrap ban and customs enforcement actions are, where it came from, the potential impact on markets, MRFs, and local programs, and methods for managing and messaging the potential impacts, especially in the short-term.

This interactive webinar will communicate critical information from brokers, MRFs, and other industry experts. They will shed light on what you need to know, then open the floor to your questions. Be informed. Be prepared. Join us.

Hosted by The Recycling Partnership



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National Sword (ˈnaSH(ə)n(ə)l sôrd): 1 China’s new quality rules on importation of recyclable material, focused on mixed paper and 3–7 plastics.

Is this a problem? It is. But it is also an opportunity. An opportunity to diversify market options. To refocus on quality. To support jobs in U.S. recycling. To grow U.S. manufacturing.

What can you do? Keep calm, stay informed, and focus on clean material.

What else? Well, since you asked:

Listen to market experts. Register now for our October 19 webinar. Have your questions ready.
Clean up your recycling stream. High quality bales are the best shield for National Sword. Use these 6 steps to keep contamination in check.
Talk to Your MRF. What are they seeing? Is it going to get bumpy? What does this mean for costs? How can you work together?
Don’t take any recyclables off your YES list. Markets ebb and flow. Rapid change is confusing for residents. Stay steady.
Don’t freak out your residents. So long as there’s no interruption in service – and there shouldn’t be – you don’t need to dive into the complexities of international markets. Keep it simple and keep them recycling. Focus on quality. Again, stay steady.
Don’t feed the trolls. If negative messaging comes up, pivot to the good. Ignore the bad and the ugly. Truly, stay steady.
Rest assured, our industry is coming together on this, politically and operationally. The Partnership is joining ISRI, NWRA and SWANA to comment to the World Trade Organization, enabling the Trump Administration to advocate for a stop to any bans. Brokers, MRFs, and market experts are evaluating domestic and international market capacity. Private companies are analyzing opportunities to use more recycled content. Wheels are in motion.
Stay tuned for more tips and tools to weather the lows and stretch out the highs.

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