Compact fluorescent bulbs

All mercury-added products, including fluorescent tubes and CFLs, are prohibited by law from being disposed in the trash. (MGL Ch 21H, sec 6)CFLbulb

All Home Depot , Lowe's, IKEA and Whole Foods stores accept CFLs for recycling. Some staff may not be aware of this. Kiosk is usually near the return desk.

Most SSRC Member Townsaccept CFLs, fluorescent tubes and mercury bearing waste in a dedicated shed at their transfer station or recycling center, and/or at the Health Department. Visit our Hazardous Waste pages for more information on mercury or click here.

RecycleBulb maintains a searchable list of locations across the US that accept consumers' CFLs for recycling.

Handle CFLs by their base to avoid breakage. Occasional broken bulbs may go in the trash. CFLs each contain about 4 milligrams (mgs) of mercury, far less than the amount emitted from a coal burning power plant to light an equivalent incandescent bulb. (A fever thermometer contains about 1000 mgs.)  If one CFL breaks, don't panic.