CDs, DVDs, LPs, cases, tapes


These items are not recyclable with your bottles and cans. Tapes cause terrible tangling problems at the sorting faciities. CDs, DVDs and cases are not the kind of plastic they can sort and sell, and will be landfilled.

Best Buy has a kiosk in the entrance of their stores for CDs, DVDs, cases and several other items (gift cards, cables and cords, rechargeable batteries, ink and toner cartridges).

Big Hearted BooksRecycleThatSalvation Army and Savers accept commercial CDs, DVDs, vinyl LPs and audio books in their original cases. Please no taped, burned, or home recorded media. Click here for some local drop box locations. 

For noncommercial (taped, burned, or home recorded) CDs, DVDs and cases, mail to CD Recycling Center of America, 68H Stiles Road, Salem, NH 03079.

GreenDisk accepts electronics and electronic media "technotrash", including difficult to recycle VHS tapes and microfilm, for a fee. 

Vinyl records can also be made into party bowls