Boat shrink wrap

ALL non-wrap material must be removed, as it jams up the processors' equipment. The wrap is recycled into agricultural and construction films, composite decking, guard rail mounting blocks, etc.  

Many local marinas provide bags and a collection area for shrink wrap recycling for a nominal fee. 

Capital Paper Recycling in Weymouth accepts boat shrink wrap for recycling 781-340-9425

NE Shrink Wrap removes and recycles shrink wrap from boats and oth

boat shrink wrap

er items for its customers.

Dr. Shrinkoffers a mail back Re-Bag recycling system for $45, including shipping.  If your boat is 26' long or less, the wrap will fit in th ebag.  ALL non-wrap material must be removed.

The Bourne ISWMF at 201 MacArthur Blvd. accepts clean wrap from non-residents at no charge M-F, 7 am-3 pm, Sat. 7am-noon.  ALL non-wrap material must be removed.  Call ahead to make sure they are accepting material 508.759.0651.