Motor and fuel oil (free of water, gasoline and other contaminants) and antifreeze are accepted by many towns at their Highway Garages or transfer stations. Click under the Member Towns menu to see if yours does.

AutofluidsAdvance Auto Parts stores accept motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, gear oil, power steering fluid and used vehicle batteries .

AutoZone stores accept used vehicle batteries and most of their stores accept used motor oil and other fluids.

Spoiled gasoline is flammable, and must be brought to a hazardous waste collection event. Disposal at HHW collections can cost your municipality more than you paid for it. Try to buy just what you need, and use fluids up. If treated with Sea Foam or other gas stabilizer, gasoline can last a year or more. 

If used antifreeze is not accepted by your town, store it securely so pets and children cannot access it, and bring it to a hazardous waste collection event.