Letter on H853, An Act to assure the attainment of greenhouse gas emissions goals in the alternative portfolio standard, 5/7/2019

Testimony on H771, plastic bag bans, April 2, 2019

An Act to reduce paper and packaging waste in the commonwealth HD1042, Jan. 16, 2019

Letter requesting support for H447, Packaging producer responsibility, May 18, 2018

Word version (may be used as a template)

Testimony in support of H447, Packaging producer responsibility, Nov. 9, 2017

H447, An act reducing packaaging waste in the commonwealth (producer cost sharing)

Word version

Letter insupport of H143-S96, Digital Right to Repair , Dec. 8, 2017

H143/S96, Digital Right to Repair

Letter requesting cosponsorship of S2174 , Investigationby a special commission relative to mattress recycling, Sept 26,2017

S2174, Investigation and study by a special commission relative to mattress recycling

Letter supporting S2109, Paint product stsewardship April 2016  (bill text S2109)

Letter opposing H646, Replace Bottle Bill with temporary 1c container tax (bill text H646)

Letter supporting H705, Reinstate the Clean Environment Fund (bill text H705)

Product Stewardship Institute 15th Anniversary National Forum - (download Director's notes)

Digital Right to Repair - download template support letter (bill text H3383)

Testimony in support of conditional expansion of bottle deposits H2875/S1752, S177; opposed to repeal of deposit-redemption system H646, H2880, Oct. 27, 2015

Testimony in support of E-Waste Producer Responsibility bills H756/S404, Sept. 29, 2015

   Text H756/S404, Producer responsibility for collection, reuse and recycling of discarded electronic products

   Text S452, Relative to information technology producer responsibility

Paint Stewardship (download bill summary, support letter template, SSRC data, bill text)

Testimony in support of S408 (now S2109), Paint Product Stewardship bill  (bill text S2109)

Testimony in support of H3420, Universal Recycling bill (bill text H3420)

Letter opposing S1074,Encouraging Municipal Recycling and Composting (bill text S1074)

H3418, Packaging Stewardship bill

Letter to Senate Ways and Means regarding EWaste Producer Responsibility bill June 2013



The South Shore Recycling Cooperative shares its Members' concerns with State policymakers about issues that affect their solid and hazardous waste management programs. 


Listed on this page are examples of testimony and correspondence in support of or opposed to producer responsibility legislation.